Day: March 9, 2023

Trailer Silent Auctions ideas – How to Find Them and Make Winning BidsTrailer Silent Auctions ideas – How to Find Them and Make Winning Bids

If you have been following news lately, XBOX 360 Microsoft’s next generation console went on sale at midnight silent auction donation ideas on 22nd November. Many people queued up to make sure they can get hold of the console and experience the hype that has been brewing as times goes by before the official launched. Many people too went home empty handed and disappointed as stores were allocated that small amount of consoles. It doesn’t help that now the XBOX 360 is facing some shortage due to the overwhelming response. Try Amazon, Wal-Mart or Best Buy websites they are listed as sold out or at best limited stock.

In the first few days of sales at auction website EBay, the price even sky rocket to over US$1000 per unit. Key in XBOX 360 and search for it in EBay and you can see that the prices now average for about over US$700, still many times mark-up of the original retail price of US$399. Auction sellers in EBay have been smiling all the way to the bank as they have cashed in on the vacuum that the retail stores have failed to provide.

I have been wondering how those geniuses able to get hold of the consoles and resell it for quick profits. So I was searching and digging the internet for information and finally I was able to come out with a list of company that provides the consoles at wholesale price.

What so great about this, you might think! Well if you look at EBay again, those auction sellers are selling this information at hundred dollars! These are highly sought after information in EBay. Believe it or not, some of these companies are selling the consoles at US$275 in bulk and they are going fast. XBOX 360 is scheduled to be launch in Europe and Japan in early December. Imagine the frenzy is going to start all over again with Christmas seasons drawing near.

Be it you are a stay at home mums or doing home business part time, I believe you don’t mind getting this extra information that can help you grow your own home business. Mind you they are not only dealing with one product, they do carry other brands like Apple iPod nano, Canon, Sony Playstation2 or Canon digital cameras all you need is to ask.